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You are on the website of the first virtual mobile operator in Georgia. You might be wondering what this means:

The virtual mobile operator brings new alternatives to the existing market with more affordable prices, customer-friendly packages, and high quality, which it provides with the help of the infrastructure of existing operators. The emergence of a company like Hallo in the world of connection makes choices more diverse and offers new, limitless opportunities for all types of people!

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Who we are

The importance of individualism is growing day by day – the individual comes to the fore and establishes himself in society with his uniqueness. Therefore, the need to connect with each other, to share their thoughts, creativity, position also increases. The main goal of Hallo is to connect people of all types, demands and nationalities, to promote existing and new relationships and to make your words even louder! We offer a service that will be available to everyone, the most customised, at the best price and the best quality, which will make communication even easier and for which only one word – Hallo – is needed.

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